NUS (pron. nūs) is inspired by the philosophical term nous, which describes the highest knowing. It's the divine intellect needed to understand what's real and true. It's the essence, the pure, the core. Nous is what remains when the excess is stripped away. It’s simple.

This is the intention with which everything at NUS is created. From our philosophy on beauty and wellbeing to our products made with the purest plant and mineral ingredients, we Never Underestimate Simple.

Free the Mind

Your thoughts create your life. They determine your expectations, your feelings, and ultimately drive your actions. Freeing the mind is choosing alignment with who you are and what you desire. It’s living unconditionally – meaning your happiness, health, and wealth come from within and are independent of any other person, thing, or circumstance. Freeing the mind is claiming your power and following your inner guidance. 


Feed the Body

As mind is to thought, body is to action. Feeding the body is paying attention to how you feel and giving your body and life the fuel they need to thrive – from the foods you eat, to the way you move, to the products you use, to the way you live. It’s being mindful of what you put in, on, and through your body, and taking inspired action in your life. 


Feel the Source


Alignment trumps everything. When you’re aligned with who you are, you feel joy, peace, confidence, and abundance. That energy transforms every soul it encounters. Alignment is a feeling of oneness. When you’re aligned with who you are, you move through life with passion and purpose. When you’re aligned, you’re free.